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Submit a plastid DNA sequence to search for the most similar sequence in the database.

Pilbara Sequences

There are currently 683 sequences in the database. To find out more about where biological samples were sourced from, how samples were prepared and assembled, and how data were prepared, click below:

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Search guidelines

  • only one sequence may be submitted at a time
  • if the first non-whitespace letter is a '>' character then the sequence will be processed as a FastA formatted sequence
  • FastA sequences may have any number of lines for the sequence, but the header must be on a single line
  • search is not case sensitive (lower case letters will be treated as if they are upper case)
  • DNA bases that are not A|T|C|G will be treated as N
  • if the sequence is not FastA, all lines will be trimmed and concatenated for a single sequence
  • sequence size is limited to 1 million characters